Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Linux Administration books Available for free

Linux: Allow SSH Console Login But Not GDM / KDM / X Windows Based Login

Download of the day: GNU/Linux Advanced Administration PDF Book

NiXcraft PDF

Multiple X sessions

UniX Haters book

My name there

Teo En Min Xing Blog
How to setup your own Virtual Super Computer

Open Source project management softwares
Limit IPTABLES connection per limit


Useful for servers

A shell script for IPTABLES see later
Restrict Access to commands

find ~ -name \.\* -exec chmod go-w {} \;

hdparm: HDIO_DRIVE_CMD(identify) Failed: Inappropriate Ioctl For Device

Using Awk for Shell scripts

Arrrggg: Open Source Users Are Pirates

nixCraft FAQ PDF Collection Now Available To All

Open Source Project Management Softwares
Comparison of Project Management Softwares

Syslog tutorial

Perfect Desktop

WireShark Tutorial
Network Analysis with WireShark

Firewall Builder

Subversioning on Lenny

Load Balancing Cluster on CentOS

Install Multiple Distributions PXE

Setting Up a PXE server on Ubuntu

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