Sunday, November 29, 2009

Virtualization related information

Remote Snapshot

Installing Xen On An Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Server From The Ubuntu Repositories - Page 2

But then this did not worked

CentOS DomU on Ubuntu Hardy

Black wala link

Then some more

Installing Xen 3.0 upon Debian Unstable, with a custom Kernel

Some more help

Re: Debian testing + xen 3.2.1 + dom0 kernel 2.6.18 + clvm 2.x -> impossible ?

Not sure as how much it is relevant

Has got mentioned using ATA over ethernet

Installing a Kernel and Generating a Menu List

Fedora Core 8 as DomU

An interesting article related to Xen

Compile a Dom0 kernel the Debian way

Networking on Xen

This is a very good link to study

Some tutorials on this page

Building custom kernel packages

They discuss here about closing the 2.6.18 tree

This is the discussion going on about Virtualization where they have talked relevant things about patches etc

Intel ka chutiapa

A step by step guide and some relevant discussion

Xen Full Virtualization examples OpenSuse

Remote VNC Solutions

Some Faq about Xen

Xen Related entire thing from Cambridge

FaQ's about mercurial

Some information regarding Mercurial

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