Friday, June 1, 2007


AIEEE 2007 is given by 6 lakh 44 thousand 750 students, according some news in a newspaper
the question is why so much competition ,the jobs that you would get after passing out of any of the institutes would be same you ultimately find yourself in some coaching institute for higher exams like CAT,GRE ,UPSC etc or might be joining any software company that are bulk recruiters
so why the hell is there so much hue and cry.
What matters is your own knowledge not the institute name that you are from your own efforts would take you to success or failure there is no doubt in it .
I myself belong to a prestigious institute and have experienced this fact. You should not take your competitors lighty and if you are not successful in a big exam does not mean you can not succeed
moral of the story is never get discouraged often it is the last key in the bunch that opens the lock


santy said...
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santy said...

but "time"..should also be taken into account. wht say??

mightydreams said...

Han bhai mujhe yad hai